MSP Airport

I visited Minnesota via the MSP airport more times than I can count since it is a Delta hub. Most times, I never left the airport. I actually really like this airport; it is very big, easy to get around, and very clean. There are many options for restaurants and shopping. This airport was the first airport I ever saw that had iPads at tables that people could use to order food or drinks from, and then someone would bring the items you ordered out to you. It’s a really great idea.

I would really like to go back to Minnesota some day and explore more of what the state had to offer such as Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Downtown Minneapolis 

I had a training for work in Downtown Minneapolis for work. I was only in the city for 2 days, and I had to work at night after the training, so I unfortunately did not get to do much exploring. I did however get to see the genius walkways the city has that connects all of the buildings so that you do not need to go outside when it is cold (which happens a lot in the Mid-West). I wish that we had this in Detroit, Michigan (where I am originally from). The city reminded me a lot of Detroit, and I am sure there there are a lot of great restaurants and fun places to explore. Hopefully I get to come back sometime.



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