Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas is a beautiful destination on the Baja California Sur peninsula in Mexico. Cabo is a really safe part of Mexico too; we were never nervous or worried about our safety ever, which was great. 

Hilton Los Cabos Beach Resort

We stayed at the beautiful Hilton Cabo San Lucas. The pool was a beautiful infinity pool, and the beach was huge and so clean. The staff there was the best so over the top friendly and accommodating. They had first class service at the pool every day at all of the chairs, they also had a swim up bar, and they had a bar on the beach. You could order amazing food or drinks from anywhere. In the afternoon, someone walked around every day with a cart full of cold towels if anyone wanted to wipe their face down, and they cleaned sun glasses. I would highly recommend staying at this hotel.

The hotel also put on an beautiful event around the pool, and had a mariachi band one night. It was such a fun experience at the hotel. It would be amazing to have a wedding at this hotel.


El Farallon – The Resort at Pedregal

We ventured away from the Hilton one night and went downtown Cabo, and went to the El Farallon restaurant at the Resort at Pedregal, and it WAS THE MOST AMAZING DINNER OF MY LIFE! First of all, the hotel has beautiful grounds, and each room in the hotel has its own infinity pool. Talk about top class service throughout our experience. From the moment we walked into the resort, we were greeted by friendly staff that escorted us to the restaurant that is built in the cliffs. To start, they have a champagne bar with high end champagne. Once your table is ready, they escort you to a counter where they have a display of fresh catches for the day, and fresh meat. You choose what you want right there, along with soup, three appetizers, and dessert.  When we got to the table, they had hand carved turtles at each seat, and we had an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean and the cliffs. We could see crabs crawling around on the cliffs; it was really cool. The food was nothing short of spectacular, and our waiter went the extra length to make sure everything was great. Oh, I also cannot forget that I had the most amazing drink ever; I wish I would have taken a picture of what was in it on the menu. Finally, the bathrooms were even amazing; they are built into the cliff as well, and the stall literally has the side of a mountain in it. Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Cabo that would love an amazing experience.

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