North Carolina


2009 – The first time I visited Charlotte was with a group of students in the Student Investment Association from Michigan State University to learn more about careers in investment banking and the financial markets. It was really interesting and fun to network with the alumni from MSU. It was also shocking to see how few girls there are in the investment banking industry. The trip was mostly for business, but we were able to go out one night, and we ended up at a bar with a mechanical bull. We saw some of the people that we met with during the day. The trip was a fun preview into the business world.


2014- I went to Charlotte for the second time with two colleagues to visit a client for a week. We were able to see more of the city this time, and I loved how the city had the downtown city feel, but there is also a lot of grass, trees and parks. Also, not too far from downtown, there are beautiful mansions with large yards as well. A lot of people in the city are younger and hustling, so I got a really good vibe from the city and really enjoyed it. I would definitely love to go back someday.




2 thoughts on “North Carolina

  1. Charlotte is my hometown. It is a wonderful city. Home to Greenways, Independent Bookstores- basically home to everything really. I am a musical theatre fanatic- I am thankful it is a major touring destination


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