Rooftop Yoga

I attended the Bender Skyflow Yoga Festival event downtown Los Angeles in 2018. I went completely by myself, and I was nervous at first, but it was so much fun!

The festival had yoga, meditation, sound baths, aura readings, and many other activities. I attended the Deep House yoga event, which was so amazing because I love deep house, and it was the perfect day with the perfect whether. The theme of the event was community, and I really felt like I was part of the community doing yoga so close to so many strangers. I really loved the event, and I felt like it made me grow as a person. You can see me in the group photos with the pink mat, purple pants, and white shirt. I would love to do an event like this again some day!

Everyone also received a My Intent bracelet. I chose for mine to say “relax”, as a reminder that it is okay to relax. I have a type A personality where I want everything to be perfect and the best, and I get stressed out and anxious sometimes. I use my yoga practice to help me relax, so the bracelet was perfect.

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