North Dakota

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

We drove to Theodore Roosevelt National Park from South Dakota via US-85. We drove for over 230 miles through grasslands for 4 hours; it honestly was such a boring drive. But once we arrived at the park, it was worth the beautiful views.


Theodore Roosevelt National Park sits where the Great Plains meet the rugged Badlands, and there are hundreds of bison, elk, and prairie dogs throughout the park. The park is divided into 3 sections linked by the Little Missouri River. We visited the South Unit, which is known for its colorful Painted Canyon and the Maltese Cross Cabin, where President Roosevelt once lived. To visit the Painted Canyon Overlook, it is free and it is right off of the highway as a rest stop. There were thunderstorms in the area, so we only spent time at this overlook, and then we headed east to Bismark where we caught our plane the next morning.


Bismark is the capitol of North Dakota. The town was very small and cute. The airport had a really cool dinosaur fossil in it that they found in North Dakota. I loved that they were able to keep it in their state and that it didn’t go to a larger museum.


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