Wanderlust Yoga Festival

Wanderlust Yoga Festival 

Wanderlust is a yoga company based out of West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and they produce Yoga Festivals all around the world to people at an affordable price, and they offer so many things besides just yoga. We participated in the festival in San Francisco, and it was in the beautiful Golden Gate Park.


Wanderlust has a great App that you can download to create your own schedule, which was extremely helpful!

Morning Yoga Flow – Now it’s like this

We began our morning with a vinyasa flow with DJ Drez and Chelsey Korus called “Now it’s like this”. Chelsea was a truly inspiring teacher, and she spoke about how human beings are gifted in the way we are able to morph and change, she used the metaphor of a caterpillar to butterfly and breaking free. It was really fun to start the morning with everyone in this class.

Stop! Drop! & Meditate!

After yoga, we participated in a guided meditation with Megan Monahan where she spoke about how “you don’t have to “like” something to accept it. Acceptance doesn’t come with an automatic cosigning of what’s happening. It simply means you’re taking a break from arguing with your reality and practicing being the “observer” of your moment before you decide how you feel about it. Learn how to use meditation to rest in acceptance so that your power is freed up to create what you want for your future moments.” It was really beautiful.



After the meditation, we headed over to have a soundbath with Sara Auster, and we laid down and relaxed to the beautiful sounds of the singing bowls and tuning forks. I really enjoy sound baths because it helps support a deeper relaxation for meditation, where stress release and healing can occur. The only unfortunate thing was that the speakers from a nearby tent were extremely loud and distracting, so we didn’t get to enjoy the sound bath as much as we could have.

Ayurveda for Finding Your Flow

After the sound bath, we grabbed an acai bown and then went to the Ayurveda class with Hannah Muse at the Speakeasy. We learned how ayurveda is not just another health fad, it has been around for thousands of years, and we learned how we can implement it into our lives based on whether we were Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Amplified Yoga

The next class we took was called Amplified Yoga with DJ Sol Rising and Donovan McGrath, and this was definitely the most fun class we took of the day. We were immersed in a very physical, emotional, and mental cleansing journey, where we jumped around, met our neighbors, danced, breathed, and took parts of Kundalini and free form movement to amplify the best parts of ourselves. We chanted I am bountiful, beautiful, blissful, I am, I am. It was very motivating (and hard!).


Saje Wellness – Unwind

We ended our day at the Saje Wellness tent where we learned how to end your day with less stress by using mindfulness, evening cleansing rituals, and the healing power of essential oils. My favorite essential oil is lavender. I did not buy any from them, but I keep thinking about how good they smelled, and I think I may buy one today. 🙂


Vendor Booths

One of the best parts of the festival were all of the different vendor booths with free samples and things to buy. Some of my favorites were Bowl’d Acai, Vital Proteins, Health Aide Komboucha, and we even randomly saw Mike’s cousin who had a booth called Breathe In Detroit.

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