The Feel Good Summit – Santa Cruz, California

I attended a summit called The Feel Good Summit in July 2019 at the beautiful 1440 Multiversity with doctors Afrouz Demehri, NMD and Judy Hinojosa, NMD for a weekend filled with learning about health and wellness.


1440 Multiversity

1440 Multiversity is a 75-acre luxury retreat in the redwoods that offers different learning programs throughout the year for relaxation, renewal and growth. You stay right on campus in their different style rooms, all of the food is included, there is a spa, and various different daily programs such as yoga, tai chi, qigong, etc.

I stayed in a pod with 6 other women, and the pods were perfect for attending the retreat alone. All of my meals were amazing and healthy. I received a wonder massage, and my favorite part about the spa was when I took a shower after, they had eucalyptus spray in the shower that smelled amazing. I also participated in the daily yoga, qigong, meditation, and nature walk. Everything about the facility was well planned out, and I would love to come back for another program some day.





The Feel Good Summit

The board-certified naturopathic medical doctors Dr. Afrouz Demehri and Dr. Judy Hinojosa lead the workshop for the weekend teaching us about different areas of health and wellness that western medicine does not always address. We learned about environmental toxins (i.e. parabens, air quality, mold, personal care products, emotional toxins, etc.), detoxifying the liver and gut (i.e. avoid inflammatory oils, artificial dyes, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, etc.; also eat more digestive enzymes, anti-inflammatory foods, herbs, probiotics, etc.), optimal brain and heart function, hormone balancing, energy medicine, and spirituality. All of the classes were packed of information, and I took so many notes for tools that I can apply to the rest of my life to help optimize my health. Dr. Hinojosa is from Ecuador, and her brother led a traditional Ecuadorian healing drum ceremony for all of us that was such a unique experience. Overall, I had a great time, relaxed, met some amazing people, and I will always cherish this experience.

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