Better Late Than Never

I decided to start a travel blog site to keep track of my journeys so that I can look back and really appreciate all of the wonderful places I have been. I am so fortunate to have a job that allows me to travel the world and experience so many wonderful new cultures.

Since I have been on more airplanes and slept in more hotels than I can count this past year (42 flights, and 92 nights in hotels to be exact), I decided to document the best things I have experienced in the places I’ve been, such as the restaurants I’ve ate at, bars I’ve drank at (I love speakeasies), museums I’ve visited, and shops I’ve shopped at throughout my journey.

So far I have been to 24 states, and 8 countries, and I plan to continue traveling on this journey to many more amazing places.

If you come across this, I hope you enjoy it and get inspired to do something you truly love.

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