I was in Pittsburgh for a client, and we tried to make sure that we were able to experience some if the city as well.

For only having one day to spend in Pittsburgh, we decided to eat at called Coal Hill SteakHouse. The restaurant was an excellent selection. It sits on top of a hill that overlooks the whole city. On top of the amazing view, the food and service were great as well. While I was sitting with my colleague at our lovely steak and crab cake dinner enjoying ourselves, we heard word of the horrible flooding that was occurring in Michigan. My new house I just moved into in Royal Oak had over a foot of water in the basement. Thankfully, I didn’t have anything at all in the basement, and our rental company cleaned it up before I got home.



Across from the restaurant was a historical Native American statue called Point of View, which is a representation of George Washington and the Seneca leader Guyasuta with their weapons down in a face-to-face meeting in October 1770 when the two men met. Washington was looking for a future settlement along the Ohio River. I never knew that Pittsburgh was so beautiful, hilly, and had such massive trees and forests. I would love to come back here sometime for a longer trip.


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