New Orleans was a beautiful city filled with culture. I visited for a long weekend for a friends bachelorette party where we rented an Airbnb apartment right in the heart of the French Quarter.


Bridesmaid Movie pose ūüôā


French Quarter

The French Quarter is a great location for it’s historical architecture, listening to Jazz music, shopping and of course eating and drinking. We stayed in this district, and walked around every day and night to enjoy the area. We also took a¬†Haunted Carriage Tour with¬†Witches Brew Tour¬†and learned about the history of the city. Our Carriage driver was very knowledgeable and really loved what he was doing.


Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral

Jackson Square is a large open square, right outside of St. Louis Cathedral. The St. Louis Cathedral is the oldest Cathedral in North America, and it is very beautiful. You can catch donkey carriage rides right outside of the square, and there are many places to eat and shop nearby.


Bourbon Street

We were randomly walking down Bourbon Street when a promoter outside of a club invited us to come on their patio on the second floor and throw beads to people that passed by. It was so much fun. We threw colorful beads to men, women, children, grandmas; anyone that waved their hands at us wanting one.


Aerial Silks Class

We took an aerial silks class, which was much harder than it looked, but so much fun! The instructor taught us different ways to use the silks and spin and twist around. It was a very hard workout. I would recommend checking it out if you are interested in doing something unique, challenging, and fun.

Frenchmen Art Market

The Frenchmen Art Market was a great little surprise to stumble upon. It is set up outside with a bunch of local artists vendor booths where you can shop for jewelry and art. It was really fun to walk around and admire the work of the local artists. I bought two very unique stone necklaces for myself that I will cherish forever.



Cafe Du Monde: This world famous cafe is best known for its Beignets, and I definitely could tell why. They serve them fresh out of the oven, and they are so warm and delicious, and they have plenty of powdered sugar to go around. The menu is only on the napkin holder, and it consists of beignets, coffee, hot chocolate, orange juice, soft drinks, and water.


Amaud’s French 75:¬†I highly recommend making a reservation at Amaund’s French 75 for dinner. We had delicious cocktails and appetizers. I recommend the French 75 to drink, as it is in the restaurants name, which was made with Courvoisier VS, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Moet and Chandon Champagne. The Souffl√© Potatoes were also amazing. The best part of our dining experience was the¬†jazz band that comes around to each table individually and sings a song. Since we were in New Orleans for a Bachelorette Party, they sang “Going to the Chapel” to our table, and it was great!


Pat O’Briens:¬†We stopped by this Dueling Piano bar after dinner to have the Hurricane and listen to the Dueling Pianos. We tried the Hurricane drinks, which were pretty sugary, but they tasted like juice and were good. The musicians were very talented and great, and they take recommendations for songs with a “donation”.


Erin Rose: First thing on Saturday morning, we stopped by Erin Rose for their famous Frozen Irish Coffees, which is basically a bailey’s chocolate frappuccino. That fame is definitely justified¬†as they are absolutely delicious. They are very inexpensive as well. I would recommend stopping by!



Commanders Place: From the second we walked into this restaurant for brunch, I knew we were in for a treat. It is decorated so cute with balloons on all the tables. For Brunch, you pick an appetizer, entree, and dessert under one price. They have Jazz musicians that go around and sing to all of the tables as well. It is a very fun atmosphere, and the food was very delicious.

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