Mala Making Class

I took a mala making class downtown Hermosa Beach, California at a studio called Life Lab. We learned the meaning of the Mala, and we were able to make our own Mala necklace. The instructor is also a yoga and meditation instructor, and she taught us the significance of the types of wood (black ebonee, brown, and white), the guru bead (there were over 8 types), and the mala beads (there were over 20 types).

I loved making my beautiful Mala out of black ebony wood, rose quartz, blue aqua quartzite, pink zebra jasper, and purple glass, and then meditating in this fun space. I am excited to use my Mala to make meditating easier.

After we all finished making our Malas, we went into the meditation room and practiced meditating together using our Mala beads. We said our intention and mantra in our head and moved from bead to bead until we got back to the Guru bead, where we thanked all of the teachers in our lives.


Meaning of Mala: 

  • 1 = source, higher truth, or universe
  • 0 = humbleness, emptiness, void and willingness to learn
  • 8 = infinity, eternity, and timeliness

Meaning of the beads I choose:

  • Rose Quartz = love, soothing, calming
  • Blue Aqua Quartzite = calming, relaxing, communication, connection with spiritual realms
  • Pink Zebra Jasper = Yin/yang, quiet the mind, take action
  • Purple Glass = imagination, dreams, enlightenment, connection to ether


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