Vineyard Goat Yoga

Guglielmo Vineyard

My husband and I participated in Goat Yoga for his 29th birthday. Goat Yoga has many locations throughout the United States. We participated at a Goat Yoga San Francisco event, and the owners travel all over San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and San Jose to put on private events, as well as events like the one we attended.

The location we went to was at the beautiful Guglielmo Winery, which is a third generation, family owned winery producing a wide variety of award-winning varietals from more than 80 acres of Santa Clara Valley estate vineyards.

We participated in the yoga class and wine tasting experience under a tent that they use for weddings, and it was the perfect serene setting with the vines all around.

What is Goat Yoga?

Goat Yoga is a fun way to participate in an animal-assisted therapy, and the Goat Yoga claims it is about getting out in nature, bonding with animals, and getting some exercise. I would definitely agree with that statement!


Meeting the Goats

To start the class, the owners brought out their 12 nigerian dwarf goats, and we learned all of their names, and how they were siblings. We also learned that goats always like to be with a friend, and they don’t like to be alone. They all had different colors and different spots; I thought they were all so cute! They reminded me a lot of little dogs.

Goat Yoga

Then we went into the yoga portion of the class, which as an easy vinyasa flow that could be done by any age or level; it was some of the attendees first times talking a yoga class. We thought that the class was super fun, exciting, relaxing, and awesome experience.

Goat Happy Hour

After yoga, we had Goat Happy Hour, where we drank wine, and we could play and bond with the goats. We pet them, hugged them, picked them up, and had them jump on our backs. When the one was on my back, he tried to eat my hair (I immediately went home and showered!)

Brianna and the Goats

Mike and the Goats


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