Yoga On The Rocks

Red Rocks

After a long travel journey to Denver, Colorado, Mike and I woke up at 5:30AM to head on over to Red Rocks Amphitheater for some morning yoga sun salutations. Every summer at Red Rocks, they host Yoga on the Rocks on Saturday mornings when the sun rises at 7:00AM. There had to be over 2,000 people there. They had a bunch of health vendors that were offering various free samples such as almonds, teas, Kombucha, clothing stores, and various other companies. Thankfully, tickets are only $15 per person, but the event sells out very fast, so if you want to attend, plan ahead to see when ticket are going on sale or expect to pay more on Stubhub.

The class was sponsored by Core Power yoga, so there were definitely some core focused yoga moves. Overall, it was really nice to be grounded, present in nature, and bliss out at the mile high club after such a stressful travel journey. I’m so thankful my husband and travel buddy is willing to participate in activities like this because I truly loved it!

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