We only had one day in Vermont, but we sure made the most of it. Check out the itinerary for one day in Vermont below. We continued on to New Hampshire after our drive across Vermont.


Lake Champlain

This freshwater lake is beautiful in the summer. We visited the Waterfront Park and walked around and enjoyed the view. Many people and their dogs gather in the park to enjoy being near the water. There are many shops and restaurants nearby too.

Church Street Marketplace

Church Street is a pedestrian only street with many restaurants and shops. Also, check the website to see if there are any of the year-round festivals occurring when you visit.



Ben and Jerry’s Factory

Definitely check our the Ben and Jerry’s factory tour, which costs $4 per person. The tour shows you how they produce the ice cream, mix the flavors, and package the ice cream. They do not let you take photos in the ice cream making facility. Also note that they do not have the line running on the weekend or holidays. Get there earlier in the day if you can because the line for the tour gets long and you may have to wait an hour or more for your tour. While you’re waiting, you can enjoy some of their famous flavors, go to the children’s park, or check out the flavor graveyard where they have “tombstones” for the flavors they retired. After our tour, we enjoyed a sample of the “Americone Dream”.


Vermont State Capitol House

Since we were in the area, we stopped by the Vermont State Capitol House for a quick photo. I was surprised how beautiful the building was with the gold dome and Ceres an ancient Roman goddess of agriculture on top. It is worth swinging by to check it out quickly.


Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks

Vermont is known for maple sugar, so we had to stop by a maple sugar house. Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks is open from 9:00AM to 8:00PM. The maple sugar house offers free tastings, tours, a video, a nature trail, country store, and ice cream. We enjoyed the different tastings and levels of syrup.

Bragg Farm Maple Sugar House

Only 15 minutes away is the Bragg Farm Maple Sugar House, which is open from 8:30AM to 6:00PM. This Maple Sugar House is known for its ice cream parlor with maple syrup ice cream, shakes, and sundaes. They also offer maple syrup taste testing, tours, and a video. Finally, you can visit with the goats, miniature ponies, and bunnies.

Cabot Cheese Factory

If you’re a cheese lover, check out the Cabot Cheese Factory for a tasting of their most popular sour creams, dips, and everyday classics as well as limited-edition cheddar cheeses. They used to offer tours of the factory, but they no longer offer them.


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