Atlantis Paradise Island 

The Atlantis in the Bahamas is truly a one of a kind experience. The hotel staff goes above and beyond your average needs and is extremely accommodating. There are multiple resorts on the property; each unique and beautiful in their own way.

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The Cove

We stayed in the Cove, which has an elegant entrance, and an exotic look with beautiful gardening all around the grounds. The Cove has a pool that is an all adult pool that you can only get into if you are staying at the Cove resort. The pool is absolutely beautiful, and the drinks that go along with it make it even better. Since its an “adult only” pool, there were some girls that were definitely taking advantage of that. There are 11 pools total on the property, including water slides and a lazy river.

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On Site Activities:

There are so many activities for people of all ages on the property as well. The main hotel has a casino, which was fun to play craps and roulette. There are multiple bars and restaurants throughout the property. There even is a nightclub on site. Mike and I went swimming with the dolphins, it was such a fun experience. I love how dolphins act like little dogs or little kids, and have cute little quirks. I also really enjoyed walking through all of the aquariums to see the different fish and sharks they have on site. There are  50,000 marine animals in 15 exhibit lagoons throughout the property.




On one of the days, we went into the city of Nassau to go shopping in the downtown area. The downtown has a straw market, and everyone there is a hackler. We bought these really cool little hand carved sculptures out of wood that were in the shape of animals (sea horse, dolphin, and turtle). It was interesting to walk through the streets to see the men making them right in the street, and see how talented the artists are with the wood.

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