Beach Yoga & Beach Pure Barre

Beach Yoga

Working out on the beach can be very challenging, but to me, working out while listening to the waves of the ocean crash on the shore is the best way to work out! It is so relaxing and peaceful!

Maui, Hawaii Beach Yoga

When Mike and I visited Maui, Hawaii, we participated in our first beach yoga class. Every day at 7:30AM, Maui Yoga has a sunrise beach front yoga class at the Ulua Beach Park in Wailea. Mike and I both took the class, and I really enjoyed it. I brought a large blanket, and Mike brought a beach towel. Mike did not enjoy it as much because his towel was too small, so he got sand all over, and he also said he had bugs crawling on him. I, on the other hand, had an amazing time flowing to some light vinyasa listening to the waves of the ocean.


San Francisco, California Beach Yoga

Mike and I went to Baker Beach to participate in Silent Disco beach yoga with Outdoor Yoga SF, and it was so much fun! A really awesome Bay area teacher guided us through a 75-minute experience of yoga, zen beats, dance, and the beach vibes. We played in the water, pranced around, and listened to some really great songs. I would highly recommend anyone of any age or any yoga experience (or no experience) to check this out! It was so much fun! We really lucked out with weather because it started as overcast, but then it became a really nice day!

Beach Pure Barre

I lived in Redondo Beach for 3 years, and I would often go to a local Pure Barre studio. During the summer, the studio would host events on the beach for free for everyone to bring their friends and family to lift, tone, and burn under the sun. I really enjoyed it because I got to meet new people, and I did not know anyone when I moved to California besides Mike.

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