New York

New York City

I’ve visited New York City, for various different occasions. Every time I visit, it is a unique and wonderful experience. Below I describe some of my favorite and top places to visit in the city, and I share a little bit about my different experiences in the city as well.


Central Park 

Central Park is really beautiful in the winter, and I really wish I could see it in the summer when it is filled with kids playing and running around. I actually was lucky enough to get engaged in Central Park a few years after our first time visiting! Mike proposed to me on Bow Bridge in the park, and my old college roommate and her husband were hiding and took pictures. Central Park will always hold a special place in my heart.


Empire State Building

The Empire State Building stands at 102 stories tall (roof height of 1,250 feet (380 m) and total height with antenna of 1,454 feet (443.2 m)), and it is a very popular spot for tourists to visit and go to the top for an amazing view of the city. The building is located in Midtown, Manhattan, New York City, and the building was completed in 1931. I’ve never actually gone to the top, but from what I have heard, be prepared to wait in some lines to get to the top. People say that it is pricy, but it is worth it. One day, I would like to finally go to the top! I have gone to the 230 restaurant rooftop multiple times that boasts a great view of the tower, and they have igloos there in the winter with hot chocolate and other winter drinks.

Times Square

Times Square is a must see for your first time visiting New York City. It is great to experience during the day and the night (night to see all of the bright twinkle lights). I stayed in the Marriott right in Times Square for 3 weeks when I worked in the city, and it was the perfect location. In Times Square, you will find street performers, restaurants, shops, discount ticket stations, street vendors, and a lot of noise. It is something you want to experience at least once in your life. They also have different events here during different times of the year, so check out the events they are having if they are interested in attending one.


Broadway is a street in New York City, and there are many musicals and shows that you can see off of this street. You can book tickets in advance through various websites for discounts, or there is a counter in Times Square called Tkts Tkts Tkts that sells same day tickets for a discounted price. The only problem with Tkts Tkts Tkts is they do not offer tickets for every show (especially the super popular ones).

Lion King

Mike, his best friend, his best friends girlfriend, and myself, went to see the Lion King on Broadway, and it was such an amazing show. I bought us really great seats in the lower section right on an aisle, so when the animals ran through the aisles, it was great to be so close to them. It was definitely an experience I will never forget.

Phantom of the Opera

This show was an excellent performance. I was blown away by all of the beautiful costumes. Also, the staging was visually interesting and dimensional with seamless transitions! I thought that the orchestra was great, and the singers were great as well. I would highly recommend this show to anyone.



If you have seen Chicago the movie, you would love to see Chicago on Broadway. The theater is small, so every seat in the house is good. The singing and dancing was great. I got tickets from Tkts Tkts Tkts the day of, so they were a really great price. I would highly recommend checking it out!


Kinky Boots 

The day after Mike and I got engaged in the city, we had some time to kill before our flights, so we got tickets to Kinky Boots from Tkts Tkts Tkts for half off, and we had really good seats. It was a great show, and Wayne Brady was the lead, which was a great surprise. We really enjoyed the show and think others would enjoy it too!


The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met)

Mike and I went to the Met Museum and had so much fun. I love how they have so many artifacts, and not only paintings. I think my favorites are the Mummy Exhibition and the Africa Exhibition. I also loved the Roman and Greek exhibitions, especially the Spartan gear. It is really incredible to think about how old some of the things the museum has in it, and its great that people have preserved them to share the history with others.

Rockerfeller Center

Rockefeller Center national landmark, and it is home of the Top of the Rock Observation Deck, NBC Studios, Radio City Music Hall, and much more (including my company’s New York City office building). In the winter, they have a skating rink in the middle. It is a very cool location to check out.

The High Line 

The High Line is a walking path that is raised above the streets, and it used to be a train line. They made it a really nice path with grass and chairs all along it.


Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market is an indoor food and shopping market. It is really fun and there are so many different options to pick between when shopping. We only walked through for about an hour, but you could definitely spend a whole day in there trying everything out.


Grand Central Station Terminal

Grand Central Station Terminal was opened in 1913, and the historic train terminal is one of the busiest train stations in the world with approximately 750,000 visitors every day. You can catch a train here to many different parts of the city. This station is often in movies and TV shows, so it is very cool to see in person.


One World Trade Center

The One World Trade Center was built as a tribute to 9/11 standing tall at 1,776 feet. I have not gone inside to do the tour, but I would like to go one day. It is beautiful from the outside as well.


St. Patrick’s Cathedral 

I am a huge fan of visiting cathedrals in Europe, and this one in the United States certainly rivals those. I have visited multiple times, and lit candles for various family members. Mike and I came the day after we got engaged, and there was a mass going on. It is such a beautiful place, and I recommend coming here if you are interested in religion at all.

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a National Monument that opened in 1886. There are different tours you can go on to see the monument. You have to take a boat to get to the island with the statue.


Brooklyn Bridge 

I did a project on the Brooklyn Bridge in Middle School, so the first time I visited and saw the bridge, I was so excited. A lot of people like to walk and bike along the bridge, which I have not done, but I think that would be a fun experience!


Trip Experiences: 

2006 – Family 

When I was younger, my parents took me and my brother to NYC for a weekend. We went to the Wax Museum, China Town, and did lots of shopping. I will never forget leaving to go to the airport for our flight home at 4:00AM and the city was still packed as if it was 10:00PM.

2010 – Student Investment Association

I went with the Michigan State University – Student Investment Association to New York for a trip to meet with different Finance firms. Michigan State happened to be in the Final Four for basketball when we were there. We all went to a MSU bar called the Mercury Bar to watch the game, and it was SO much fun!

2015 – Work

Fortunately, I had a client in New Jersey for three weeks, and I was able to stay right downtown NYC in Times Square. During this time, my team members and I saw two broadway shows: Chicago and Phantom of the Opera. Both were absolutely amazing. Chicago was great because they had a live band and everyone was so close to you. Phantom of the Opera was great because of all of the costumes and beautiful decorations. I would highly recommend to anyone to see both.

2015 – Mike

While I was working in the city, Mike came out to visit me for a weekend. We got to hang out with his best friend from high school and college, who was living in the city at the time. It was great to go out and explore with someone that lives in the city. We saw a comedy show, and ate a lot of great food! We also were here during NCAA Basketball Tournament again, and we watched the game at another MSU bar.

2016 – Mike

On February 27, 2016, Mike and I were visiting New York City, and he proposed to me in Central Park! Read the full story here . It was such magical experience that I will forever appreciate this special location in the city.

2018 – Girls Trip

My college roommate and her husband live in New York City, and I took a trip out there for a girls trip. She lives in a beautiful apartment on the upper east side. Reminded me so much of the show Gossip Girl. 🙂


2 thoughts on “New York

  1. Only been once.

    2006- trip with my mom. That was what made it so special. It was just two of us. The Broadway show of that trip was Wicked. Little did I know that when I saw that musical the huge impact Wicked would have on my life. I went to American Girl Store, saw Times Square, visited Central Park, and others thing. I was 12 at the time. It is time to go back


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